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Watanabe Electric Industry has continued our unique way of business to date, concentrating on the manufacturing of measurement and control instruments which are the mother tools of industry.

The business segments of our company covers three areas, the solutions business which focuses on power monitoring systems and building monitoring systems, the component business which focuses on signal converters, analog instruments and digital instruments, and automobile maintenance equipment. We have been and continue to make every effort to create unique products in each field. In January 2010, we acquired the Electronic Measuring Instruments Division of Asahi Keiki Co., Ltd., and established an organization which can provide a wide range of products.

Particularly, in the digital instrumentation area, we can offer a variety of products which can correspond to various customer applications, which was realized by the acquisition of the Electric Measuring Instruments Division of Asahi Keiki Co.,Ltd. with a leading lineup and experience in the industry.

We will continue to contribute to social development with unique products by our own measurement technology and communication technology which have acquired since our foundation.



























Signal Converters

  • WSP Series
  • WSPA Series
  • WGP Series
  • WVP Series
  • WAP Series
  • TZ Series
  • TW Series
  • TH Series
  • TF Series
  • ZM Series
  • Accessories



















Digital Panel Meters

  • WPM Series
  • A1000 Series
  • A2000 Series
  • A5000 Series
  • A6000 Series
  • A7000 Series
  • A8000 Series
  • A9000 Series
  • AP/AS Series
  • AM/AMH Series
  • AT/ATC Series
  • AH Series
  • AC Series
  • G1000 Series
  • ASG Series
  • AL Series
  • WBGC Series
  • AI Series
  • Accessories
































Non-contact Meter Relays,Electric Current Recorders

  • WSC/WSE Series
  • WAR/WBR Series
  • Accessories