About Senscient

Senscient designs, manufactures and installs gas detection sensors for industrial applications.  These sensors form a critical line of defense that industrial plant operators rely upon to safeguard against devastating consequences such as fires, explosions and the release of toxic gases. 

The company’s innovation, called ELDSTM (Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy), couples spectroscopic principles with solid-state lasers.  This technology is transforming the way industrial plant operators protect their personnel and assets from leaks of hazardous gases.  High false alarm rates, slow detection and poor reliability are problems that have plagued industrial plants when dealing with gas leak detection.  Senscient utilizes laser technology to eliminate false alarms and enable fast, reliable detection of hazardous gases.  This innovation has the benefit of improving safety performance and increasing uptime availability while reducing operational costs.

Management Team

Founded in 2004, Senscient is an ISO9001 registered company with offices located in the UK, USA and UAE.  Manufacturing operations are conducted in the UK at a bespoke facility located in Poole.  Senscient has a firm financial base from which to develop and expand.  The company has raised financing, primarily from three energy-focused investment firms ­ Emerald Technology Ventures, Lime Rock Partners and Yellowstone Capital Group. 


Senscient has delivered over 1,500 of its gas detection systems to a global customer base.  These systems are operating in over 30 countries worldwide in conditions ranging from the intense heat of the Middle East to freezing temperatures in Arctic winters; from the rain and humidity of the Amazon forest to dense fog, mist, exposure to sea salt and corrosive elements offshore in the North Sea.  The technology has a broad reach and is being applied in numerous end markets, including the oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, chemical, agriculture, semiconductor, metallurgical and solar industries.  As a result of stringent safety requirements, harsh environments and tough operating conditions the technology has achieved greatest traction in the oil and gas market.  With a network of distributors and selling partners located across the world, Senscient provides a truly global service to our customers and partners wherever they are operating.





























Senscient Laser Gas Detection Products