Comac Cal s.r.o. has been engaged in development and production of both the induction heat meters and flow meters since its establishment. For the period of its already long-term existence, it has developed and launched solutions to all sorts of problems beginning from a cheap simple flow meter up to complex intelligent dosing systems with suppressed interference.

In order to meet our customer's needs, we have established an authorised metrological calibration centre. In this way, we are able to help the customers solve all sorts of problems, including consultations and checking the measurements for correction.

The company has extended its offer with meters equipped with oval gears made by Macnaught Pty Ltd and sensor technology with pressure gauges and level meters, including combined sensors along with temperature measurement devices by STS Sensor Technik Sirnach AG. Both of them are multinational companies that are leaders in their branch and are able to solve all sorts of problems in sectors of industry, including necessary certificates.

For the 20-year period of company's history and thanks to our own development centre, we have been able to offer the customer solutions made to order so that it can fully suit to his requirements and in all sorts of branches of industry. Our principal objective is the satisfaction of the customer and we follow this slogan in all we do.




Flow meters

The flow meter is a device for gas and liquid flow measurement (by volume or by weight). Measurement of a liquid quantity in a closed pipeline is applied most in industrial practice for liquid flow monitoring.
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Batch meters

Liquid batching needs an accurate flow meter with high repeatability so as to ensure high demands of the technology itself by which means it is possible to select batching meters with an induction flow meter or with oval gears.
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Heat meters

Efficient heat management in a number of buildings in housing, communal or other spheres does not do without taking measurement of heat consumption. Heat measurement is a difficult measurement task.
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Our company has developed a special device for data transmission which provides the customer with data transmission capability to a special data base in PC or to e-mail (according to quantity of measured values and frequency).
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Pressure sensors

The pressure transducers made by STS Sensors Sirnach AG are intended for applications in the most diverse industrial measurement and control systems and they are based on the piezoresistive principle.
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Level transmitters

Immersion pressure transducers are often used for level measurements. These pressure transducers are equipped with a special waterproof cable gland or a connector and are submerged right in the liquid.
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This is a case of sensors combining at least two various types of measurement at the same time. In our offer, it is a case of combination of pressure gauges with thermometers, level, temperature and conductivity measurement.
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This section brings both the analogue and digital pressure and temperature sensors as well as standalone thermometers. Pressure and/or temperature sensors signal can be simply programmable for defined ranges.
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