unded in 1992, set new yardsticks with their founded knowledge in the field of flow measurement for low flow (mini flow meters, FCH-m) FCH-SE, VZB, VZS... Series used in rugged areas, electronics for monitoring and batching.




                                                   mini Oval gear sensor                  Chemical Flowmeter


We develop and produce industry and market-focused flowmeters which are used in the chemical industry, dosing technology, water purification, jet moulding machines, (up to 160°C) cooling circuit monitoring, laser machines/-plants, lubrication dosing systems, laundry and dish washing machines, flow meter to measure the cooling water flow rate,
fuel consumption measurement on cars, boats, trucks, tractors, generators and oil burning heating systems.

With our flow meters we can very reliably measure a wide range from 0,005- 1000 L/min. low or high viscous chemically aggressive liquids such as: sulfuric acids, alkalines, salt solutions, calcium chloride, nitric acids, detergent solutions, liquid soaps, sewage slurries, car cleaning and car drying products, waxes, as well as petrochemical products: diesel, fuel, kerosene, paraffin, lubrication oils, hydraulic oil, up to 110 bar / 1595 PSI.



Flow meter with LED for Watercooling systems

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Flow meter Product range

Flowmeter extreme low Flow, Turbine flow meter, Water meters, Paddle Wheel Flow meter




Positive Displacement Technologies,  Gear Flowsensors, Oval gear Flow meter



Flow Controllers,  Batch Controllers /  Flow Monitors



Accssories Filter housing PP,  Molded Tube Fittings PP




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