Proface Vietnam Replaced by: AGP3300-L1-D24 = 5.7" Monochrome, 2 Serial, 1 USB, Ethernet, 24VDC
External Dimensions: W167.5mm[6.59in.] x H135mm[5.31in.] x D59.5mm[2.34in.]
Panel Cut-out Dimensions: 156(+1 / -0)mm [6.14in.] x 123.5(+1 / -0)mm [4.86in.] (Panel thickness: 5mm[0.2in.])
Weight: 1.0kg (2.2lb) or less
Proface Vietnam Software: EX-ED-V27 (download only version)
Proface Vietnam EX-ED-V27-DVD (DVD version)
Proface Vietnam Programming cable: CA3-USBCB-01
  * clearly confirmed before order!
Wainconnector Vietnam P/N: HE-006-F
screw terminal, 6P(16A/500V) 
Wainconnector Vietnam P/N: H6B-SE-2B-PG16
hood side entry with 2 bolts PG16 thread 
Wainconnector Vietnam P/N: H6B-BK-1L
housing bulkhead mounted with 1 plastic lever 
Wainconnector Vietnam P/N: HE-006-M
screw terminal, 6P (16A/500V)
Note: As HE-006-F should be a couple,we have added the quotation of male item HE-006-M for you.
Beckhoff Vietnam Model: BK3150
Johnson Controls Vietnam TEMP. SENSOR PTC
Order No: A99DY-200C
Welon Vietnam Sensors
Model: WS-C2-H