A+R      Valves & Fittings
ABB      Automation, Processing, Power
ABB Kent    Pneumatic Cylinders
ABM Greifenberger Motors & Geared Motors
ABS      Pumps
ACE      Shock Absorbers
ADDA   Motors & Converters
AEG      Switchgear, Transformers, Motors
AEP       Transducers
Aerzen  Blowers, Fans, Comprsssors
Akerströms Manipulators
AKO     Valves, Pressure Regulators
Albright Contactors
Alfa Laval    Pumps, Valves, Filters, Heat Exchangers
Aliatool Tapping Machines
Alldos    Dosing Technology
Allweiler      Pumps
Alstom  Power Conversion
AMG    Pneumatic Slewing Drives
Ammeraal Beltech    Belts
Ansaldo DC Motors, Power Converters
Apollo   Controls
APV      Pumps & Filters
Aquametro   Fluxmeter
Argo      Filters
Argus    Ball Valves, Actuators
ARI       Valves, Actuators, Fittings
ARO     Motors
Ascon    Transducers
ASK      Bearings, Joint Heads
ATE       Brake Cylinders
ATS       Lubrication Appliances
Auma    Actuators, Worn Gear Drives, Controls
AVIT     Swivel Joints, Connectors, Hoses
AWH     Valves, Fittings, Tubes & Pipes (SS)
Baelz     Steam & Liquid Control & Fittings
Bailey   Measuring Instruments
Balluf    SwitchesSensorsEncoders
Bansbach     Gas Telecopes
Barby + Kühner Temperature & Pressure Measuring
Bauer    Geared Motors, Frequency Converters
Bauklage     Gas Cylinders
Baumer electric  Sensors
Baumgarten Silo Techniques
Baumüller    Motors, Geared Motors, Drive Controllers
Bavaria Food Processing Equipment
BBL      Measuring Equipment
Becker, Gebr.     Compressors, Vacuum Pumps
Becker, J.A.       Compressors, Lifting Platforms
BEDA   Oxygen Technique, Lances, Couplings
BEG      Fans, Blowers
BEI Ideacod       Encoders
Bernstein     Switches, Sensors
Berthold Technologies     Radiation Measuring Instruments 
Beta Sensorik    Opto- Electronic Sensors, Detectors
Bitzer    Refrigeration Compressors
Blaudieck    Hoses for Food and Beer
Boge     Compressors
Boll & Kirch       Filters
Bonfiglioli    Gears, Geared Motors
Bosch    Electrical & Electronic, Pneumatic
Bourdon Haenni Measuring Transducers & Equipment
Bowex   Couplings
Bowman       Plant Equipment
Breda Packaging       Packing Machines
Brevini  Gearboxes
Brian Donkin      Booster
Brooks  Flux Meters
BSE       Steel  Works Equipment
Bubenzer     Brakes
Bucher  Hydraulic Pumps, Valves
Buchholz      Relays
Burgess       Microswitches
Bürkert Pneumativ Valves & Cylinders, Contols
Buschjost     Valves
Bussmann    Fuses
Camille Bauer    Measurement & Control Instruments 
Candigra      Valves & Fittings (SS)
Carlo Gavazzi     Industrial Power Plants
Casals   Motor Ventilators
CATU    Break Switches, Grounding Electrodes
CEAG   Switchgear & Connectors, ex-proof
Cebora  Soldering Machines
Centa    Couplings, Elastic Shafts
CEWE   Power Transducers
CFW     Radial Seals
Chronos Richardson Packaging & Dosing Equipment
Clippard       Pistons
Coax     Connectors
Coel Motori Brake Motors, Electric Motors
Comar   Capacitors, Condensers
Contraves    Switches, Terminals
Converex     Inverters
Cooper  Bearings
Crouzet Regulators, Switches, Relays
D.S.A.   Moisture Meters
Dana Spicer Propeller Shafts
Danfoss       Measuring Instruments for Flow, Oxygen, T
Deckel  Milling Machines
Degesch       Dosing Equipment
Delachaux   Hose & Cable Reels, Winders
Delphi   Connectors
Delta Delage      Check Valves
Demag  Steel  Works Equipment, Lifting Eqipment
Desch    Gearboxes, Couplings, Belts
Deufra  Actuators
Dickow  Pumps
Diessel  Flux Meters, Dosing Equipment, Filling 
DMS     Microprocessors, Microcomputers
Dold      Relays, Switching Devices, PLCs
Domnick Hunter       Filters, Valves
Drehmo Valve Actuators
Dresser Valves
Dropsa  Lubrication Pumps & Systems
Dungs   Flow Monitors, Presostats & Thermostats
Durag    Control & Regulation Equipment
Ebara    Pumps
Ebelt     Control Boards & Display Panels
EBM     Fans, Blowers, DC Motors
Ebro      Valves, Fittings & Drives
Eckardt Drives, Hydraulic Cylinders
Edwards       Vacuum Measuring
Efector  Proximitiy Switches, capacitive
Egger    Pumps
Elan       Safety Switches & Control Units
ELBAS Laquers, Solder Masks
Elcis      Encoders & Pulse Generators
Elcometer    Thickness Gauges
Eldro     Thrustors
Electrolube  Lubrication Media
Elek      Electronic Equipment & Systems 
Elektrim       Motors, Geared Motors
Elesta    Relays
Elsto      Drive Technology
Eltex     Electrostatic Charging & Protection syst.
Emceka Machines for Malting Processes
EMG     Actuators, Hydraulic Control Systems
Endress + Hauser     Metering & Measuring Systems
Ensival Pumps    Pumps
Entrelec       Relays
Erfurt    Hydr. Presses
Erhard   Valves, Cocks & Fittings
Erhardt+Leimer Textile Machinery Parts
Erico     Fastening Technique
ESAB    Welding Powder & Bars
Euchner       Proximity Switches, Limit Switches, Relays
Eupec    Thyristors, Power Modules, Power Diodes
Eurotherm   Drives; Themperature Control
Faber    Cables
FAG      Bearings
Fagor    Presses
Fanal     Pressure Switches
Fein       Electric Tools
Felix Mateo Indicators
Fema     Pressure Switches & Regulators
FERRAZ     Fuses
Ferrotron     Measuring Devices
Festo     Pneumatic Parts
FHF       Signalling Equipment
Fibro     Toolmaking Components
Filtec     Air Filters
Filtrox   Filters for Beer and Beverage Industry
Fimet     Motors
Fischer  Measuring,Transducers, Control Devices
Flender Gearboxes, Couplings
Flexon   Chains
Flygt      Pumps
Foxboro       Control Valves, Measurement Transducers
Franke  Oil Mist Separators, Filters
Freudenberg CFW    Gaskets, Washers, Seals, Rubber Joints
Fristam Pumps
Fuji Electric Transistors, Modules
Funke    Heat Exchangers
G. Elli Riduttori  Gearboxes
Galvi     Electrohydraulic Brakes
Gefa      Valves & Filters
Gefran  Controllers, Sensors & Transducers
GEMÜ  Valves & Flowmeters
General Electric Industrial Electrical Items
Georg Fischer    Machines for Pipe End Working, Valves
Gessmann    Control Switches
Gestra   Valves, Steam Traps, Pressure Regulators
Gewiss  Electric Installation Material, Connectors
Girard   Gearboxes
Glacier Garlock Bushings, Slide Bearings
Glual     Hydraulic Cylinders
Gossen  Measuring & Control Devices & Equipment
Goyen   Solenoid Valves
Grammer     Driver's Seats
Grundfos      Pumps
GRW     Roller Bearings
Gulde Iberica     Pumps
GWB     Propeller Shafts
Hager    Electric Control Equipment, Switchgear
Halm     Ignition Transformers, Motors, Pumps
Handtmann  Valves+Fittings for Beverage & Chemical 
Hartmann & Braun   Analysis Equipment, Flowmeters
Hartmann & Lämmle       Hydraulic Control Eqmt, Valves, Pumps
HAWE   Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, Valves
HBM    Torque, Force, Load & Position Sensors,
Hegwein       Oil & Gas Burners, Solenoid Valves
Heinemann  Circuit Breakers
Heishin Pumps
Helu      Cables
Hengesbach Measurement & Control Techniques
Hengstler     Counter, Relays, Rotary Encoders
Herion   Hydraulic Presses
Herl       Valves & Fittings
Herma   Labelling Equipment
Hermes Grinding Elements, Abrasives, 
Hermetic - Lederle   Pumps
Herr-Voss    Butterfly Valves, Globe Valves
Herweg Vibration Conveyors & Sieves, 
Heidenhain  Encoders, Position Indicators
HEW     Motors
HF Jensen   Transducers & Measuring Amplifiers
Hilge     Pumps for Beverage & Chemical Industry
Hilger u. Kern    Gearboxes, Electronic Brakes, Soft Starter, 
Hirschmann Electrical & Electronic Components
HIT Elektronik  Time Relays
Hohner  Encoders
Holstein & Kappert  Brewery Equipment
Homatic       Pinch Valves
Honeywell    Heating Controls, Safety Switches, 
Hora      Actuators, Fittings, Valves, Steam Traps
HOV     Compressors & Pumps
HPI       Hydraulic Pumps
Huba     Pressure & Temp.  Sensors & Switches
Huber    Valves
Hübner  Tacho Generators, Encoders
HÜCO   Electronic Ballasts & Transformers
Hueber Baacke  Gearboxes
Hydac   Hydraulic Filters, Valves, Pumps,
Hydropa       Hydraulic Pumps & Cylinders
IFE Electromagnetic Vibrators
IFM      Proximitiy Switches, capacitive
Igus       Cable Guide Chains, Cables
Ilme       Electric Installation Material, Connectors
IME      Electric Meassuring Appliances
IMI       Pneumatic Cylinders & Valves, Vac. Pumps
INA       Bearings & Clutches
Indramat      Controls for Machines, Servo Drives
Industronic  Intercom Systems & Interphones
Inoxpa   Valves & Fittings, S/S
Internormen Filter    Hydraulic & Lub Oil Filters
Invensys      Metering Systems
Item      Machine Tools
ITT Pumps, Couplings & Pipe Fittings
Jacobi   Textile Machines
Jahndorf      Tube Swivel Joints
Jaquet   Recorders, Sensors, Tachometers
Jarret    Buffers, Hydraulic Springs
Jaso      Motors
Jaure     Couplings
Jean Müller Fuses
Joens    Vibration Conveyors & Sieves, 
Johnson Controls      Building Automation
Joucomatic  Valves
Jove      Hydraulic Valves, Electromagnetic Devices
Jumo     Measuring & Control Devices
Jungmichel  Sheet Metal Gauging & Monitoring Instrum.
K. WALTER       Copper Tins
Kabel Wächter   Cables
Kabelschlepp      Cables, Drag-Chain Cables, Cabloe Guides
Kaeser  Compressors, Blowers & Fans, 
Kaiser   Motors
Kannegiesser     Glueing Machines
Kaye     Printer
Kettner Palletising Systems, Packaging Plants
KHD Humboldt Wedag   Cement Plant Equipment
KHS      Brewery Installations
Kiepe    Proximity & Limit Switches, Interruptors, 
Kieselmann Tubes & Pipes S/S, Fittings
Kinetrol       Actuators, Valve Controllers
KING    Packing Machines
KKK     Fans & Blowers
Klaschka     Sensors, Switches, Relays, PLCs
Klöckner Moeller     Energy Distribution Systems
Klüber   Lubricants, Special Greases
Knecht  Filters
KNF Neuberger Pumps & Compressors
Kobold  Metering & Control Systems
KONE   Cranes
Kopp     Packing Machines
Körting Oil & Gas Burners, Vacuum Plants, Pumps
Kracht   Pumps
Kral       Oil & Fuel Pumps, Flow Meters
Kraus & Naimer       Switches
Krauss Maffei    Industrial Installations
Krohne Messtechnik       Level & Flow, Meters & Indicators
Kromschröder    Gas Burners, Valves, Metering & Control
Krones  Bottle Cleaning, Filling, Sealing & Labelling 
Krüger  Load Measuring Equipment
Kryschi UV Lamps
KSB      Pumps, Valves, Valve Actuators
KTR      Couplings
Küenle  Motors
Künzel   Brewery Plants, Malt Mills
Kuttner Steel Works Equipment
L & P    Springs, Buffers
L'Orange     Injection Parts, Pumps & Nozzles
Lamptronic  Electronic Ballasts
Landis & Gir      Oil Burner
LAP       Measuring Equipment, Laser Units
Lapp      Cables
Lederle Pumps
Leibfried      Hydraulic Fittings, Pneumatic System Components
Leine & Linde    Encoders, Tachos
Leistritz       Screw Spindle Pumps
Lenze    Brakes, Motors, Geared Motors, Inverters
Leser    Pressure Reducers, Valves
Leubner       Dispersing Machines, Irrigators
Leuze    Optical Monitoring Equipment, 
Lewa     Dosing, Metering, High Pressure Pumps
LFE       Analysis Equipment
Lika      Encoders
Lipprox Grinding Machines
Litton    Encoders, Pulse Generators
Löbro    Universal Joints
Loesch  Packing Machines & Plants
Loher    Motors, Frequency Converters
Loreme Measurement Transducer
Lo-Rez Vibration Control       Torque Limiters, Safety Elements
Lukas    Hydraulic Pumps, Cylinders Tools
Lutze     Measurement Transformers
M & C  Analysis Equipment
Maag    Gearboxes
Magnehelic Pressure Gauges
Mankenberg      Pressure Reducers, Valves, Steam Traps
Marelli  Electricals, Motors, Generators
Marquard    Switchgear Equipment
Martens       Electronic Equpment
Maximotor  DC Motors
Mayr     Couplings, DC Motors, Brakes
MCC     Chains
Mecman      Pneumatic Pumps, Cylinders
Merkel Seals
Messer Cutting & Welding
Metabo Electric Tools
Metrawatt   Electrical Measuring Devices
Metso   Conveyyors, Lifting Equipment
Mettler Toledo   Weighting Systems, PH Transmitters
Microsonic  Sensors, Level & Distance Measurement
Miotto   Couplings
Mita      Cable Ducts
Moeller Electric Electrical Installations, Switchgear
Mogensen   Vibrating Conveyors, Screening & Sieves
Monitek       Metering Systems
Mönninghoff       Clutches & Couplings, Linear Actuators
Montronic    Converter, Wireless Transfer
Moog    Hydraulic, Servovalves
MTS     Sensors & Measurement Transducers
Munsch Chemical Pumps
Murr     Relays, Switches, Connectors
Nagano Keiki     Pressure Switches
Nakamura   Switches, Interruptors
Negele  Control & Measurement 
Nexans Special Cables
NNF      Cylinder Roller Bearings
Nobaduct    Conductors
Noell     Interruptors, High Voltage
Nord      Geared Motors, Frequency Converters
Norgren       Pneumatic Pumps, Cylinders, Filters
Novotechnik       Displacement Transducers, Potentiometers
NSK      Bearings, Linear Motors
Numatics     Pneumatic Parts
O & H   Beverage Industry Machines
O.T.T.    Gearboxes
Oertli    Heaters, Oil Burners
Olaer     Hydropneumatic Accumulators
Omron   Photoelectric Switches
Optibelt Belts
Ortlinghaus  Couplings & Brakes
ORU     Concrete Plants
Osram   Lamps
Parker   Hydraulic Cylinders
Pedro Gil     Pumps
Pekrun  Expansion Joints
Pepperl & Fuchs       Proximity Sensors
Pfaff-silberblau   Hydraulic Jacks
PHOTEC     Foils
Piller     Blower
Pilz Relays
Pintsch Bamag   Brakes
PIV Gearboxes
PRECISE    Drilling Machines
Prominent    Pumps
Prym     Gears
Rademacher       Lighting Equipment
Radio Energie    Tachometers, Dynamos
Ray Öl  Burners
Rechner       Industrial Electronics
Reggiana Riduttori   Gearboxes
Renck / Tacke    Gearboxes
Rexroth       Hydraulics and Control
Rieter   Rectifier Machines
Rossi     Gearboxes
Rotex    Couplings
Rotring Drawing Modules
Rueger  Thermometers
S L Tapping Machines
Saft Nife      NiCd Batteries
Samson Valve Actuators
Sart       Flow Meters, Switches
Sauter   Servomotors
Schaltbau     Switchgear
Schiele  Switchgear & Relays
Schlatter      Welding Equipment
Schleicher    Relays
Schmersal    Industrial Switchgear
Schneider     Electricals, Automation & Drives
Schubert & Salzer     Valves, Controls
Schuch  Electronic Ballasts
Schumacher Oil Skimmer
Seba Dynatronic       Discharge Rods
Securelec Socem       Electronics
Seidel    Servomotors
Semikron     Thyristors, Power Diodes
Sensorix       Sensors
SEW - Eurodrive       Motors & Gears, Frequency Converters
SIBA     Fuses
Sibre     Brakes
Sick       Measuring Devices, Optoelectronics
Siemens       Electricals, Automation & Drives
Sime      Hydraulic Couplings
SKF       Bearings
SMS - Demag    Steel Works Installations
Soyer    Soldering Machines
Speck    Pumps
Spectra Quad     Humidity Analysers
Spirax Jucker     Valves
Spohn & Burghardt   Master Switches
Stahl      Lifting Equipment
Stahlwille     Torque Meters
Stegmann     Encoders
Steinbock     Fork Lifts
Steinel   Gas Pressure Springs
Sterling SIHI      Pumps
STI Pneumatic Positioners
STM     Sensors
Stromag       Brakes, Couplings
Ströter   Gearboxes, Geared Motors
Stüve     Shrink Discs
Tawi      Cranes
Tecsystem   Temperature Monitoring
Telemecanique   Electricals, Automation & Drives
Tesar     Transformers
Tesch    Relais
Testo     Gas Analysers
Thalheim      Tachogenerators
Thies Clima Thermometers, Temperature Control
Tiefenbach   Switches Magnetic
Tokyo Keiso       Flowrator
TOP      Gas Cylinders
Toshiba Vacuum Interruptors
TRIK    Oil Pumps
Tschan  Couplings
Turck    Sensors, Switches
Uhde     Vibrators
Ultrafilter     Filters
Ultrapac       Packing Machines
Uni Gas Fittings & Valves
Unicam  Photospectrometer, Lamps
Uni-Chain    Chains
UNI-Valve   Valves
Univer   Magnet Valves
VACREL     Foils
Vaisala  Humidity Transmitter
VEM     Motors
Vickers Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, Valves
Viking   Pumps
Visolux  Sensors, Photocells
Vogel     Lubricant Pumps
Vögele  Grease Pumps & Distribution
Von Roll       Hydraulic Pumps & Motors
Weissenfels Machine Construction
Wepuko       Hydraulic
Werie    Motorpumps
Wika     Gauges, Thermometers
Winkel  Axial Bearings
Witton Kramer   Brakes
Yamamoto    Level Switches
Yoshida Grindeability Tester
ZAE       Gearboxes
Ziehl-Abegg Motor Ventilators
Zollern  Gearboxes
Zurc       Ammeters


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