Rexroth Vietnam Solenoid valve coil
Type: DBETX-1X/315G24-8NZ4M
Rexroth Vietnam Solenoid valve
Type: 4WRPH 10 C4 B100L-2X/G24Z4/M
(4WRPH 10 C4 B100L-ZX/G24Z4/M)
Rexroth Vietnam Solenoid valve
Type: 4WRAE 6 EA15-2X/G24K31/A1V
(4WRAE 6EA15-2X/G24K31/A1V)
Hakko Fuji HMI Vietnam Correct: V708CD
Cable inclued
(Code: Hakko Fuji HMI V708CD-V708-GS)
  clealy confirmed
Hakko Vietnam Code: V708-GS
Code: V808CD
Note: màn hình gồm 2 phần: V708CD và V708-GS. V708CD đã ngưng sản xuất và được that thế bởi: V808CD
(Code: V708CD-V708-GS)
Flowserve Gestra Vietnam URB-1
Art-Nr.: 3381043
weight: approx 0,5-1.5 KG / PCS 
Flowserve Gestra Vietnam NRG16-40
part no: 3514042
* Check * length here: L = 1000mm
weight: approx 2-4 KG / PCS
Flowserve Gestra Vietnam NRS1-40.1
Art-Nr.: 3222841
Flowserve Gestra Vietnam LRR1-40, 4-20mA
Art-Nr.: 380224157
weight: approx 0,8-1.8 KG / PCS
Flowserve Gestra Vietnam LRG16-40 (LRG 16-40)
part no: 3772743
* Check * length here: L = 200mm
weight: approx 2,5-4 KG / PCS
Gemu Vietnam Gemu Metal Globe Valve, Pneumatically Operated Type 554
Connection : Threaded sockets NPT
Body Material : 1.4408 cast stainless steel
Seat Material : PFA
Control Function : Normally Closed
Actuator Size : Piston Ø 30mm, under the seat
Working Pressure : Max. 10 bar
Control Pressure : 4 - 8 bar
Working Temperature: Max. 180°C
Valve Size: DN 15mm
P/N: 554 15D31 37 30 1 B
EDV: 88372189
(P/N: 55415D313751B)
Gemu Vietnam EDV No: 88039444
WZ 3.1B Body Material Analysis Inspection Certificate 
Gemu Vietnam EDV No: 88039443
WZ 2.2 Pressure Test 
Documentation available upon request: Letter of Conformity: Free of Charge
Phoenix Contact Vietnam Safety relays
2963938 PSR-SPP-24UC/ESA4/2X1/1X2
(PSR-SPP- 24UC/ESA4/2X1/1X2)
Lust Vietnam Inverter modules for 230 V systems
Part No: CDA32.004,C1.4
Parker Vietnam Part No: 650-21170020-0F0P00-A1
(Parker SSD Drives 650 1.5kW 230V 1ph to 3ph - AC Inverter Drive Speed Controller
Part No: 650-21170020-0F0P00-A1 (650/015/230/F/00/DISP/UK/0/0))
Status Vietnam MEDACS 2111 Smart Signal Conditioner
Type: MED2111
Input: Universal - mA, RTD, thermocouple & Volt
Output 1 : Current O/P
Output 2 : Current O/P
Comms  : RS485
Display Range : -1999 to 9999
Power Supply : 24V DC ±10% @ 200Ma
The MEDACS 21** is a single channel DIN rail signal conditioning unit with dual output and display. It accepts RTD, Thermocouple, Voltage and Current process signals and provides current and relay outputs. Each unit has a RS485 serial comms link enabling data to be sent to and from a host using Modbus protocol. Each unit also comes complete with our optional TFML function which allows mathematical functions to be downloaded and customize the product to suit your application exactly.
(Model: MEDACS 2111
Supply: 24V +/- 10% 6VA Max
Serial No.: 117596_0020)


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