Yaskawa Vietnam G7 Inverter
Replaced by: CIMR-G7A47P5       
Spec : 7. 5 KW, AC 380 - 480V, 3 phase.      
Weight: 11 KGS
Inverter 7.5KW 2)
Yaskawa Vietnam Replaced by: CIMR-HB4A0024
Inverter 7.5KW 2)
Yaskawa Vietnam G7 Inverter
Replaced by: CIMR-G7A4011       
Spec : 11 KW, AC 380 - 480V, 3 phase.      
Weight: 13 KGS
Inverter 11KW 1)
Yaskawa Vietnam Code: CIMR-HB4A0031FAA
Inverter 11KW 1
- These Model CIMR-G7A47P5 & CIMR-G7A4011 are made in Japan.       
For your model given. CIMR-G7B7P5 & CIMR-HB4A0031FAA are made in China.          Therefore, We are recommend a product from Yaskawa Japan. 
Balluff Vietnam Order no: BTL031A
Type: BTL5-C10-M0150-P-S32
LG Vietnam PLC
Correct: K7M-DT60U
(Model: K7M-DT60S
POWER: 1AC 100-240V, INPUT: 12/24V 4.5/9mA, OUTPUT: 24VDC)
Micro Process Controls Vietnam Model: 100S-CC-S66-DB – 12N
Dial Size: 100 mm
Accuracy: ± 2 % of Fsd
Sensing: S. S. – 316 Capsule
Movement: S. S. – 304
Socket: S. S. – 304
Case & Bezel: S. S. – 304 with Snap action bayonet type, IP – 54
Dial: White Al. with Black Marking
Mounting: Direct Bottom
Process Conn.: ½” NPT (M)
Range: -10 to 100 m bar
Over range: 110 % of span
Window: Plain Glass
Standard Fitment: a. Plastic Pointer 
Nesstech Vietnam Model: AF.D.2.2NM.0-63 inH2O.RH.RX.KA
Dial size: 63 mm
Range: 0-63 inH2O (confirm range before placing the order)
Mouting: Direct Bottom(M)
Connection: 1/4"NPT
Element: 316LSS
Case: 304SS
Accuracy: ±1.6%F.S
Elobau Vietnam Tilt sensor
Model: N4AK1E1CCK001
(N4 A K 1 E 1C C K001)
K.Schulten - Kappel OEM Vietnam Replaced by: KS Vacu-Power 600
The construction-suitable suction-device works with a 2-circuit system according to EN 13155 and includes 8 suction plates. Up to 4  of 8 suction pads can be switched off mechanically (for lifting of small panes). 
Bearing load: 600  kg
Height:  1300  mm
Width:  1850  mm
Depth:  200  mm
Net weight: ca. 65  kg
The price includes the basic device with 8 suction pads incl. battery charger. 
Art. 0821
Vacuum motorVacuum motor
Code: 50367)
*** clearly confirmed before order
K.Schulten - Kappel OEM Vietnam KS Vacu-Power – Optional accessories: Spreader roll
Art. Z11.0820.100   
(For more convenient and precise operations we suggest an order of KS VacuPower with the Spreader Roll)
KAG-Hannover Vietnam M42 x 40/I
12 V, 8,4 NCM, 3350 MIN-1, 29 W
drawing number: 30018-01-01
Macotec Vietnam Đầu gắn dao cắt kinh
Mode: TCMS3
Macotec Vietnam Suppot for the Cutting Roller for MS
Serial No.: 18504320
Macotec Vietnam Shaft of the Cutting Roller for MS
Serial No.: 18500138
Macotec Vietnam Glass Cutting  Roller D=4,1 (155 град.)
Serial No.: 18512155
Saginomiya Vietnam Relay áp suất đơn
Model: SNS-C106X
Saginomiya Vietnam Relay áp suất đơn
Model: SNS-C130X
Saginomiya Vietnam Relay áp suất dầu
Model: ONS-C106XQ5


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