ITALSENSOR - Tekel encoder Vietnam Encoder
TK451 - TK452 - TK461 - TK462
Economic encoders for generic industrial applications.
Body diameter (mm) 63.5
Flange square, servo, servo-clip
Diameter shaft (mm) 6, 8, 9.52, 10
Resolution (PPR) max 2700
Interface LD, LD2, PP2, NPN, PNP
Take note with power supply 24/05 not possible electronic LD2-5, only LD.
(Model: TK451.SG.2500.24/5.S.K4.10.PLnn.LD2-5)
Balluff Vietnam Inductive sensor
Model: BES 516-300-S135-S4-D
Order no: BHS001L
Balluff Vietnam Inductive sensor
Model: BES 516-362-G-S4-H
Order no: BES01JC
Balluff Vietnam Model: BKS-S 20-4-05
Order no: BCC0039
Model: BKS-S 20-4-05
Order no: BBC003U)
Balluff Vietnam Moel: BKS-S 20-4-SP1-05
Order no: BCC003U
Model: BKS-S 20-4-05
Order no: BBC003U)
Asco vietnam Solenoid Vlave Namur type
Asco vietnam Solenoid Vlave Namur type
SCG551A001MS @ 230/50-60
Asco vietnam Solenoid Vlave Namur type
SSS Vietnam SSS Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
Replaced by: CE152/SB6/M0V2M1C6L
Input: 4-20m A.
1.4 – 7 bar
(Model: SX15-461
U : 220/50hz
MP : 3.0 Mpa,
M.O.PD: 2.1 Mpa)
NICHIDEN KOSYO vietnam Solenoid valve
Model  : SX7M
U : 220/50hz
MP : 0.6 Mpa
Electro-Pneumatic Positioner vietnam ACCESSORIES FOR PNEUMATIC VALVES
EPR-WN2SN3NT PG EP-Positioner, weather-proof
(Model: EPR-WN2SN
Input : 4- 20mA
Input air : 1.4 – 7 bar)
Balluff Vietnam Type: BTL7-E500-M0450-K-SR32
Balluff Vietnam Repare service only offer for 2pcs
Type: BTL5-E10-M0450-K-SR 32
Modify the existing BTL5. Modify cost 140,00 per piece production time 5 working days plus delivery time from Vietnam to Neuhausen and back
  Note item 1
And to adjust the zero and end point your customer can do this by himself with BTL7-A-CB02-S32 as you can see on page 13 in the enclosed user guide.
  Note item 2
Repare service
  Clearly confirmed before order!
Endress+Hauser Vietnam Replaced by: TR44-ND8EAS2HG4000
RTD Thermometer TR44 with hygienic process
connection. Fixed insert. Range: -50...200°C.
Note: Check the length and the nominal pressure range
the difference is the cable entry.
You inquired specification is no longer available because the selected header TA20A version is no longer available. The successor is the TA30A therefore the specification changes from "A" to "G"). But for your customer, in makes no difference for the using.
Here the datasheet (the alternative "A" is still in the datasheet because the revision takes some time).
(Code: TR44-ND8EAS2HA400)
Endress+Hauser Vietnam Modular RTD assembly thermowel 
Code: TR44-ND8EAS2HA400
Model: RAYTMP150G5
100 to 950°C (212 to 1742°F),  5 microns
Raytek Vietnam Raytek power supply
24 VDC 1.2 A Industrial power supply,
DIN rail mount (110/220VAC input) 
Solvykler - Trelleborg Vietnam Ống cao su mềm hiệu SOLVYKLER
Vật liệu cao su EPDM, gia cường bằng sợi tổng hợp Áp suất làm việc 20 bar / áp suất phá vỡ 60 bar Đường kính trong 13mm / đường kính ngoài 21mm
(Article Number: 0060718
Solvykler - Trelleborg
Allen Bradley Vietnam Inductive Proximity Sensor
Correct: 871TM-DN5CP18-D4
(Model: 871TM DN5CN18-D4)
  conf code!
Phoenix Contact Vietnam Sensor/actuator box header
SACB-8/16-L-C GG
P/N: 1698194
Formarshall Vietnam Forbes Marshall Make Pressure Reducing and De-superheating Valve
Size: 6”
Model : 521-L2
Ends: Flanged to ANSI #300
Body material: A217WC6
Trim: SS410 Nitr.
Trim: Pressure balanced
Trim: Two step perforated
Pneumatic actuator: UIII-30.v
Hand wheel: Yes
Pneumatic positioner: EP830WP
Gauge group and AFR: Yes
Water entry from top
Forbes Marshall Arca Valves
Formarshall Vietnam Forbes Marshall make water control valve to be used with PRDSH valve.
Size: 1”
Ends: Flanged to ANSI #300
Body material: A216WCB
Trim: SS410 Nitr.
Trim: Parabolic
Pneumatic actuator: UI-20.n
Hand wheel: Yes
Pneumatic positioner: EP830WP
Gauge group and AFR: Yes
Forbes Marshall Arca Valves
  Special Valves Formarshall  used for Chemical
  clearly confirmed before order
Pilz Vietnam Card
Correct: PIZ773100     
PNOZm1p 24DC 20 inp.-3/6 out 
(Type: PNOZ m1p
P/N: 773100)
Pilz Vietnam Connect PLC & computer
Note: please  I need  code