ABB Vietnam Circuit breaker
Model: S202-C10 
ABB Vietnam Circuit breaker
Model: S202-C16 
ABB Vietnam Circuit breaker
Model: S202-C20
Siemens Vietnam Circuit breaker
Model: 3RV1421-0HA10 
Devolo Vietnam Devolo Microlink Dlan I
Art no: 2031
Security ID: DD69-85X4-M6CF-V3NY
MAC-Adress: 000B3B0CF797
S/N: 0501140520000576
Aerzener Vietnam Inlet filter
SNR 175239000 (Aerzen GM 7S)
ULVAC Vietnam Code: WP-02
Balluff Vietnam Replaced by: BES 516-363-BO-C-02
(IFM II5308)
IFM Vietnam Code: II5308
Siemens Vietnam Correct: 6SN1123-1AB00-0HA2
(Model: 6SN 1123 - 1AB OO - O HA2)
Siemens Vietnam Replaced by: 6SN1118-1NH01-0AA1
(Model: 6SN 1118 - 1NH OO - O AA2)
Siemens Vietnam Replaced by: 6SN1114-0NB00-0AA2
(Model: 6SN 1114 - O NB OO - O AA1)
Siemens Vietnam Model: 6SE 7O9O - OXX84 – OAFO
Note: Can't replaced 
Siemens Vietnam Model: 6SE 7O9O - OXX84 – OAJO
Note: Can't replaced 
Siemens Vietnam Correct: 6SN1112-1AC01-0AA1
(Model: 6SN 1112 - 1 AC O1 - O AA1)   
Scancon Vietnam Scancon Encoder
Type: 2REX-H-01024-SR-M-10-30-67-10-SS-A
FABR.NR: 11024-681893
Beckhoff Vietnam Beckhoff BK 3150
Model: BK3150
P+F Vietnam Inductive Proximity Sensors
Order No: NBB4-12GM50-E2-V1
Lenze Vietnam 05703622/610EL
No 00057036; V-Belt Type
Lenze Interior strap length 610 mm
weight: ca. 0,1 kg/pc
P+F Vietnam Art-No: 200824
Connection cable
V15-G-15M-PUR-V15-G (V15-G-15M-PUR-V15G)
Connection cable, M12 to M12, PUR cable 5-pole
Contacts 5
Cable: PUR
Length: 15 m
Cores: 5 x 0.34 mm 2
weight: ca. 0,5 kg/pc
Balluff Vietnam BCC M415-M313-3F-300-PX43T2-150     ~ 15m customized
Order code : BCC0946
but the color of the cable will be black instead of yellow. (Mà cable den em nhe! Khong nhu PF vàng)
  clearly confirmed!