Gz-kd Vietnam Type: BX2 
Micro Process Controls Vietnam 6” Dial Precision Master Pressure Gauge
Model: 150S-MG-S66-DB-12N
Range: 0-10 Kg/cm2 or 0 – 150 psi (Dual Scale)
Least Count: 0.05 Kg/cm2 or 1 PSI
Dial Size: 150mm
Accuracy: ± 0.25% of FSD
Connection Screwed: ½” NPT (M)
Dial: White Aluminum With Mirror band, Black Graduation
Mounting: Direct With Bottom Entry
Weight: 1.200 Kgs
Mitsubishi Vietnam Mitsubishi Servo motor
Model: HC-SFS524K
E+H Vietnam FMI51-A1EGEJB3A1A
Liquicap M FMI51
Level measurement, capacitive.
Rod probe, fully insulated.
Application: liquids.
Total length of probe L = L1+L3.
:: Precalibrated 0-100% at factory for
conductive liquids.
:: Fast measurement reaction time.
:: Longtime stable tightness.
A Approval: Non-hazardous area
1 Inactive Length L3: not selected
E Active Probe Length L1; Insulation: 700 mm, 10mm
rod,316L;PTFE+ground tube
GEJ Process Connection: Thread ISO228 G1, 316L, 25bar
B Electronics; Output: FEI50H; 4-20mA HART
3 Housing: F17 Alu IP66/67 NEMA4X
A Cable Entry: Gland M20 (EEx d > thread M20)
1 Type of Probe: compact
A Additional Option: Basic version
(order code: FM151-A1EGEJB3A1A
SN: D801B9010F0)
Cerabar S PMC71
Measurement: Pressure, capacitive.
Application: pressure, level.
Membrane: Ceraphire,
dry, vacuum proof.
:: Mechanically robust,
overload resistant.
:: High reliability through process
:: High long term stability.
:: Modular.
additional specification
Low range value 100,000- mbar
Upper range value 100,000 mbar
Display at 4mA
Display at 20mA
Display unit
A Approval: Non-hazardous area
A Output; Operating: 4-20mA HART; Extern + LCD
A Housing; Cover Sealing; Cable Entry: T14 Alu
IP66/67 NEMA6P; EPDM; M20 gland T14 = side cover
(Ex d > M20 thread)
1C Sensor Range; Sensor Overload Limit:
100mbar/10kPa/1.5psi gauge; 4bar/400kPa/60psi
B Calibration; Unit: Customised; see additional
GA Process Connection: Thread ISO228 G1/2 EN837, 316L
A Seal: FKM Viton
A Additional Option 1: Not selected
A Additional Option 2: Not selected
E+H Vietnam TMT162R-M2B31U35X0
RTD Thermometer TMT162R
to screw-in.
Field housing NEMA 4x, IP67.
HART protocol, Foundation Fieldbus
protocol, Profibus PA protocol.
Namur NE43.
Replaceable insert, MgO.
max. measuring range: -200...600 oC.
additional specification
Low range value 20,000- °C
Upper range value 80,000 °C
Failure mode (1 = low <3.6mA, 2 = h 00000002
M Housing Material; Approval: Alu, ATEX II 1/2GD
EEx d IIC T6
2 Cable connection; Display: M20x1.5; + display
B Configuration; Communication: Pt100; HART
3 Neck Length N; Type: 96 mm; nipple + coupl. type
1 Thermowell Type: Bar stock, to order separately
U Thermowell Connection: Thread M24x1.5-F
3 Inset Diameter; Material: 6mm; 316L
5 RTD; wire; meas. range; class: validity: 2xPt100
WW; 3; -200/600oC; A; -200/600oC
X Insertion Length Ml: 178 mm
0 Factory Test: Not needed
Samson Vietnam Replaced by:
Var-ID: 2893472
e / p positioner 3730
Type 3730-2 with LCD and AUTOTUNE, set-
point 4...20 mA, 2  Software limit switches / 1 fault signaling contact, with analog position transmitter 2-wire 4 .. 20 mA; diagnose EXPERT plus; hardware version GI 01; Software Version 1.54
with 1400-8819
Connection Block G beveled 1/4
and 1400-7453
Mounting parts for direct mounting, for lever M
(Type 3277, 240-700 cm ²)
(Model: 3767-06001120110000.06
Model: 3767-06001220110000.06
var-ID: 1008257
IFM Vietnam Model: DR2005
Ashroft Vietnam CAT.No: B424B CXFMD06
El rating:
Range: 600psi
Proof: 2400psi
dead band: 9-30
Material: Buna/ST.ST
SN: K1001415
Balluff Vietnam Model: BES 516-300-S321-NEX-S4-D
Order code: BHS004M
Turck Vietnam ID: 7541316
Proface Vietnam Proface 3280035-41
Model: AGP3500-T1-D24-D81K
Phoenix Contact Vietnam Signal Isolators/Converters
P/N: 2814058
Note: cần cung cấp thông tin tín hiệu đầu vào (input signal) khi đặt hàng
Dold Vietnam SL9277.12/010 AC 220V 50/60 Hz
Note: please inform Article No before order.
EBM Motoren Ventilator Vietnam 230 VAC W2s130-AA03-01
Demag Vietnam Geared limit switch set DGS 3-142 (DGS 3 -142)
Bussman Vietnam 33 516,630A,690VAC,170M5462