Pressure type Water Level Gauge
Discription Model Specification Unit Remarks
Sensor: select depend on measuring range      
  Pressure Sensor LSCN-04 4m range Unit  
  Pressure Sensor LSCN-10 10m range Unit  
  Pressure Sensor LSCN-20 20m range Unit  
Sensor Cable        
  Sensor Cable LSCN-PPC-S Including wire and air pipe,Max.100m m  
Junction Box        
  Junction Box JBCN-1A Wall-mount, Arrester, Air filter Unit  
  Junction Box JBCN-10A Wall-mount, Arrester Unit  
Signal Coder        
  Signal Coder (Main Unit) PCCN-AI- [A][B][C]   Unit  
  A=Analog output 0= none      
  A=Analog output 1= 4 to 20mA x 1      
  A=Analog output 2= 1 to 5Vx1      
  B=BCD output 0= none      
  B=BCD output 1= BCD x 1      
  C=Power Source D= DC12V      
  C=Power Source A= AC90 to 220V