Lion Precision
Model Part Number
LRD2100 P014-4663
LRD2100C P014-4664
LRD3100 No Base P014-5760
LRD3100 with base P014-5762
LRD4100 5/8" wide P014-4851
LRD5100 P014-4669
LRD5100C P014-4665
LRD6110 P015-3380
LRD6110C P015-3382
LRD7200 P015-3805
LRD8200 P016-6100
LRD8200 w/ mounting adaptor P016-6101
LRD8200 w/ extended baseplate P016-6103
LRD8200 w/ extended baseplate & P016-6104
mounting adaptor
LRD6300 P017-6300
LRD6300C P017-6301
Extended Baseplate for LRD8200 B016-8341
Mounting Adaptor for LRD8200 P016-6090
LionEye2 P015-3775
Shielded Cable  
used for all units with a detachable cable except LionEye2 6200-0081
Cable for LionEye2 6200-0090