Price List 
PosiTest®    DFT    Coating Thickness Gages for NON-METAL Substrates
Coating Thickness Gage for METAL Substrates    PosiTector®    200 
DFT-Ferrous (DFTF )   B Standard 200BSTD  0.5 - 40 mils 
13 - 1000 µm 
DFT-Combo  (DFTC )   B Advanced  200BADV 0.5 - 40 mils 
13 - 1000 µm 
Leather Pouch w/ Belt Clip (POUCH-DFT )   B Probe Only  PRB200B   
    C Standard  200CSTD 2.0 - 150 mils 
50 - 3800 µm 
    C Advanced 200CADV  2.0 - 150 mils 
50 - 3800 µm 
    C Probe Only PRB200C   
    PosiSoft Software PosiSoft200   
    IR Printer  IR_Printer  
    AC Power Kit  USBAC   
    4 oz. Ultrasonic 
Gel:  (Case of 12) 
PosiTector®        UTG Ultrasonic      PosiTector®    DPM  PosiTest FM/F/GM/G 
Thickness Gage UTG Standard Dew Point Meter  PosiPen  
  UTGSTD   Dew Point Meter  
Magnetic Surface  
DPMI   DeFelsko 
Powder Comb
UTG Multiple Echo (UTGME )   Temperature 
Probe Kit 
PosiSoft Software (PosiSoftUTG  )   Additional Probes for use with 
Magnetic Surface Temperature Probe Kit only
    Hand-Held Surface Probe   PRBDPMHSP  
Inch   STDB1 Self-Adhering Surface Probe   PRBDPMAP  
Metric  STDB1M  Liquid Temperature Probe   PRBDPMLTP  
IR Printer IR_Printer  PosiSoft Software   PosiSoftDPM    
4 oz. Ultrasonic Gel  
(case of 12): 
GEL_P   IR Printer   IR_Printer   
    AC Power Kit   USBAC   
PosiTest®   AT Adhesion Tester  PosiTector®   PC   
PosiTest AT-M Manual  ATM  Powder Checker  
PosiTest AT-A Automatic  ATA       
50 mm Accessory Kit 
Includes 50 mm stand-off, holesaw and test dollies (12) 
AT50KIT  PosiTector PC PC   
 additional 20 mm dollies (pkg of 10) DOLLY20  IR Printer  IR_Printer   
additional 50 mm dollies (pkg of 4)  DOLLY50  Probe Screens 
(package of 2)
Adhesive Kit - adhesive, mixing 
sticks, palettes, cotton swabs 
Drilling Template 
for 50 mm Dollies 
PosiSoft Software  PosiSoftAT       
DeFelsko Thickness Standards 
Metal Plates S series 
Epoxy on Steel (4) 
A series Epoxy on
 Aluminum (4)
Zero Plates Steel - STDZSTL
Aluminum - STDZALM 
Individual Plates  Miscellaneous thicknesses available
Blocks P series Polystyrene 
Blocks (4) 
Shims Certified Plastic 
Shim Set 
STDCSS (8 shims) 
Individual Certified
Miscellaneous thicknesses available
Shim Set 
STDSHIMS (5 shims) 
DeFelsko Accessories  
Bluetooth Printer for use with 
PosiTector 6000 Advanced models 
1 roll of paper included   PRINTERBT  
3 additional rolls of IR paper   IR_PAPER  
Protective Lens Shields (5)  LENSSHIELD-E  
for PosiTector  6000 only
Rechargeable Battery Pack    
4 AAA eneloop batteries for PosiTector  6000 only 

AC Power Kit  USBAC  
for PosiTector  series  
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