1-, 2- and 3-stage, air or water cooled compressors

These one to three- stage metal diaphragm compressors in a vertical design with integrated diaphragm control are used for applications with high flow rates and operating pressures up to 800 bar for almost all process gases. This compressor series is regularly designed as water-cooled model. The offer of equipment is ranging from measuring technique, such as pressure and temperature monitoring of the process gas, pulsation dampers, gas coolers or whole cooling units, automatic isolation valves, liquid separators up to a complete, programmable control unit for the compressor (SPS-technology). A control of volume flow can be realized easily, by a frequency converter or by a bypass. The equipment of the case of application is designed according to the requirements and delivered fully assembled.

Maximum compression ratio per stage 1:15
Final pressure maximum 800 bara
Drive power maximum 45 kW
Arrangement of cylinders Vertical
Drive type Belt driven
Compression of toxic and combustible gases Possible
Compressor cooling Air- or water-cooled