H-4161 SDI-12 to 4-20mA Interface

 H-4161 SDI-12 to 4-20mA InterfaceH-416 SDI-12 to 4-20mA Interface
With the WaterLOG® Model H-4161 is a SDI-12 to 4-20mA interface.  This device allows connection of any SDI-12 sensor to a PLC, RTU or other device which has a 4-20mA input.
 Key Features
  • 1000V output isolation from the SDI-12 bus.
  • Can monitor the SDI-12 bus for a specified sensor address and data parameter.
  • Can initiate measurements to an attached sensor if no data logger is used.
  • Programmable Max and Min data set-points for automatic data scaling into 4-20mA units.
  • Manual "set" of the 4-20mA output for testing via an extended SDI-12 command.
  • Built-in 2-line LCD display shows the current SDI-12 data and milliamp output values.
  • Detachable connectors
Precision 16-bit, 4-20mA current transmitter.

100% USA Origin

Water Log Vietnam

SDI-12 to 4-20mA Converter 
Code: H-4161



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