The company THERMOBILE INDUSTRIES BV originates from the Danish company Kongskilde founded in 1952-53. Initially it was only concerned with the development and production of pneumatic grain transport systems. Later they also added agricultural machinery. In1959 a branch was opened in Breda called Kongskilde Benelux BV, where from 1965 the production of heaters started. In the early 90's there was a name change and heaters were marketed under the name Konfoma Thermobile. Since August 1994 Thermobile Industries Ltd has been part of the Honing Beheer Group. The group consists of twenty companies that primarily deal with climate and ventilation products.


The Thermobile structure

The factory and offices of Thermobile Industries BV are located in Breda. Here all the products are developed and produced with an average of 75 employees. Thermobile heaters are used and sold throughout and beyond Europe. The sales and service team maintains contacts throughout the world. Thermobile Industries BV uses three direct sales offices. In addition to it's headquarters in Breda there is a branch in France namelyThermobile France SARL (TFR) and a branch in the United Kingdom, Thermobile UK Ltd (TUK) . We also work through a network of dedicated partners in other countries and also supply importers with models in their own design, colours and brand name but all produced by Thermobile in Breda.

Sales of space heaters occur mainly in winter and about 70% of the sales are made in the period from September till February. In the quieter summer period there is mainly stock and sales forecast production. Furthermore, in this period many modular parts and semi-finished products are made to accelerate the assembly in winter time.